Digital India

Posted on : June 8th 2019, 10:59 pm

The Government of India launched the Campaign Project is Digital India By the  Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on 2 July 2015 the Day is Thursday Launched the Digital India. 

The Part of Logic initiative dream empower the people and Stand Services better the use of information technology and it’s tools the initiative Aims, The Big Idea Digital Segmentation and bring big investment in a technology sector.

Now what is Digital India? 

Digital India is a one of the most ambition project to make India ready for Knowledge based future. The Focus of the rupees 1.30 Crore initiative. Is on using technology to create participative transparent system responsible Government and what does to Aims to achieve to create a digital Infrastructure utility to every Indian Citizen.

These include providing High speed internet, mobile phone, & final ellipsis shareable Private Place on public cloud and create a safe and secure Cyber Space.

The Program Aims to take digital literacy to Next level and We Focus finding base and encourage people of a case less financial transaction the initiative and including ability on service on real time on mobile platform.

Digital Locker System to Minimize uses of physical enable the E- Sharing, Why Register on www.mygov.in as online Platform to Young age Citizen in governance though discuss do an approach Swatch Bharat Mission mobile App to achieve the goal by the mission a sign from work to a lot citizen to digitally Sign document online using Aadhaar.

E- Hospital     System important health care services such as online registration for payment- fixing doctor appointment online diagnostic to checking blood ability online.

Nationalscholarship portal for beneficiary submission of application do verification from and dispersion digitalize India platform to large skills digitization of record in the country to facilitate sufficient services.