Exclamatory Words and Examples

Exclamatory Words

Aside from an exclamation mark (!) or exclamatory words are also used to express strong emotions in exclamatory sentences. Please Make sure that in adding these exclamatory words, place a comma after the exclamatory word and end the sentence with an exclamation mark.

Here are some exclamatory words which can be classified as simple sentences given as:

Amazing!, Brilliant!, Excellent!, Fantastic!, Good!, Hey!, Oh!, Oh no!, Ouch!, Wow!

The exclamatory sentences by using above exclamatory words are given below:

  • Amazing, he got the gold medal!
  • Brilliant, he actually understood what I meant!
  • Excellent, you can now proceed to the next stage!
  • Fantastic, he won the award!
  • Good, you can go home now!
  • Hey, that thief has stolen your ring!
  • Oh, you saw the thief!
  • Oh no, he missed the flight!
  • Wow, it was a great joyful ride indeed!

However, the common practice to write exclamatory sentences in the pattern shown below is wrong:

  • Amazing! He got the gold medal.
  • Brilliant! He understood what I meant.
  • Excellent! You can now proceed to the next stage.
  • Fantastic! He won the award.
  • Good! You can go home now.
  • Hey! That thief has stolen your ring.
  • Oh! You saw the thief.
  • Oh no! He missed the flight.
  • Wow! It was a great joyful ride indeed.

According to the rule, when we punctuate an exclamatory sentence, the exclamation mark should be placed at the end, not after the exclamatory word of the sentence.

Examples of Exclamatory Sentences

Here are some examples of exclamatory sentences that convey various emotions:


  • You are six hours behind on the arranged schedule!
  • You are always so wrong about me!


  • I can’t wait further for my visa now!
  • The questions in our electronics exam are driving me nuts!


  • Today is one of the most memorable days of my life!
  • You are the best person that I have ever met in my life!


  • She could not imagine a day without him!
  • I’m really going to miss my college!


  • A ghost suddenly appeared and stared directly at me!
  • Wow, I cannot believe you did this surprise for me!


  • Oh no, the number of certain animal species are gradually decreasing!
  • Oh no, I left my purse in the grocery store cart!
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