Folk Paintings of India

Folk Paintings of IndiaIndia has a very rich and diverse culture of folk paintings across the country. These folk paintings depicts different cultural and...

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12th March,2020

Folk Paintings of India

India has a very rich and diverse culture of folk paintings across the country. These folk paintings depicts different cultural and social life of different tribes as well as subjects chosen from the epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. In this article, we are providing all the important details of list of Folk Paintings of India, which would be very useful for the exams like UPSC, State PSCs, SSC and other competitive examinations.

Folk Paintings of India

There are eight folk paintings are recognised in India which are discussed below:

Madhubani Paintings

  1. Origin:- Madhubani painting originated in a small village, known as Maithili, of the Bihar state of India.
  2. Mythology Scenes:- In this style of folk painting, the scenes of Ramayana and the images Hindu God-Goddesses are depicted on the canvas.
  3. Initially, the women used drew the paintings as an illustration of their thoughts, hopes and dreams. However, later on, it became a part of festivals and other social events and gatherings.

Pattachitra Art

  1. Painting on canvas:- As the name suggest, Patta means canvas and chitra means picture. Therefore, its meaning is paintin on a canvas.
  2. Odisha:- It is folk painting of Odisha which is oldest and most popular form of art.
  3. Color Outline:- They are manifested with rich outline, red, yellow, ochre, white and black colours.
  4. Depicts Mythologies:- Most of these paintings depict different themes of Indian Mythologies such as Thia Badhia - depiction of the temple of Jagannath; Krishna Lila - enactment of Jagannath as Lord Krishna displaying his powers as a child; Dasabatara Patti - the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu; Panchamukhi - depiction of Lord Ganesh as a five-headed deity

Pithora Painting

  1. Ritualistic paintings :- These are ritualistic paintings done by Rathvas and Bhilalas tribes of Gujarat and these paintings are done on the wall of the houses..
  2. Wish or Boon: The rituals of these paintings are performed either to thank God or for a wish or a boon to be granted.
  3. Kalamkari Paintings
  4. Painting by a pen:- As the name suggests, Kalam means pen, these are the painting which are done with the help of a pen.
  5. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh : It is mainly done in the state of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
  6. It is a type of hand-paints or block-printed cotton textile, produced in parts of India.

Kalighat Pat Art

  1. It is folk painting of West Bengal which originated near the kalighat Kali Temple (Kolkata).
  2. Depictions of God & Mythologies: These art form depicts various Hindu Gods and other mythological themes and characters.

Floor Paintings

Floor painting is an ancient and traditional folk painting of India which is mainly drawn mainly in festivals and ceremonies.

Warli Art

  1. Worli paintings are the famous art form of Maharashtra. This is a very simple form of art.
  2. Social & Culture life:- It is made by the local tribes of the Worli and depicts the scenes from the social and cultural life of these groups.
  3. Brush and Mixture:- In this art form, chewed bamboo stick is used as brush and mixture of rice paste and water gum is used as colour.

Thangka Paintings

  1. Tibetan folk painting: It is Tibetan folk painting.
  2. Buddha Painting:- In this art form, images of Buddha paintings are made on the cotton or silk cloth.
  3. Three Types:- This art form has been categorised into three types- Tibetan Buddhist wall painting; glimpse of Buddhist lifestyle; and rituals and practices of daily life.

Here you can get other information related to Art and Culture of India which would be very helpful for various Government Exams like UPSC, State PSCs, SSC, etc.

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