IB (Intelligence Officers) Job Profile

Job Posting of IB Intelligence Officers (ACIO II)

  • IB ACIO II is a most interesting and most unpredictable job; one can be posted in any state including border regions.
  • It is one of the very risky jobs.

Training of IB Intelligence Officers (ACIO II)

Every batch of ACIO, which happens once in 2 years, has 750 Candidates. But, the training center at Shivpuri (Madhya Pradesh) can accommodate only 120 trainees at a time. So, these 750 people are divided into 6 batches and are sent to training one-by-one.

The training comprises of three stages:

  1. Phase 1 Training – Shivpuri, MP – 60 Days
  2. Phase 2 Training – Delhi – 60 Days
  3. Phase 3 – On The Job Training – 60 Days

Work Profile of IB Intelligence Officers (ACIO)

It is security agency so your job is related to the security subject at national and central level. Usually, the newly recruited candidates are posted on border areas for the limited duration of time. Special Preference is given to female candidates. The actual job will start after 3 years.

The work allotted to IB (Intelligence officer) Includes -

  1. The collection of secret information.
  2. Vigilance on Terrorist.
  3. Being ready to deal any kind of crisis situation.
  4. Keep the track of all the issues of threatening activities in Border Areas.
  5. Intelligence collection in Border Areas.

Promotions of IB Intelligence Officers (ACIO II)

After the training, the ACIO II initially starts working. They are posted in most of the Districts in India are peaceful. However, this initial posting will be as ACIO – II. After three years, 300 people out of the initial 750 get Promoted to ACIO-I. Promotions

  • ACIO-II to ACIO-I - 3-4 Years (By Age 28)
  • ACIO-I to DCIO - 10 Years (By Age 38-40)

Most of the normal ones retire as DCIOs. But, those who work a bit more, who are more competent, and who have a better career profile, would get further promotions.

  • DCIO to Assistant Director.
  • Assistant Director to Joint Deputy Director.

Few get the chance to serve at the superintendent level, but it is not possible in all cases. After years of job, one can get promoted to a higher post. Many of them get elected to serve RAW. Moreover, one can get recruited as the RAW agent only after years of experience.

  • Postings will be less. But most of the work happens in the District HQ, so it is a Tier 2 City/Town.

Salary Structure of IB Intelligence Officers (ACIO)

The Job is known for its lavish salary structure. The pay scale is 9300- 34,800 that varies based the on the area of posting. Besides this, the selected candidates will get special security allowances.

All institutions which deal with risk/security/threat give their employees an extra "Special Security Allowance". This is the recommended SSA for IB as defined by the 7th PC. ACIO-II is currently a 4200 GP job. But, after the 7th PC it will convert into a 4600 GP job.

  • Gross Salary in a Tier 1 City - BP + 24% HRA + 20% SSA + TA = 68256
  • Gross Salary in a Tier 3 Rural Town - BP + 8% HRA +20% SSA = 61064

Advantages of being ACIO in IB

  • Interesting unpredictable job profile.
  • Good Pay for a Peaceful job. (Jobs with the same Pay in the IT industry would be so stressful that people are always frustrated)
  • Has a lot of Respect and Social Status.
  • Every district has its own challenges. So, profile varies with every transfer you get.

Disadvantages of being an ACIO in IB

  • Promotions are less and slower.
  • The risk is always there