Important Sessions of Indian National Congress Study Notes

Posted on : June 8th 2019, 10:34 pm

Important Sessions of Indian National Congress

In this post we provided a brief list of important sessions of Indian national congress. It would be helpful

Year Place President Importance
1885 Bombay W.C.Banerjee First Session Of Congress
1886 Kolkata Dada Bhai Naoroji  
1887 Madras Badruddin Tayabji 1st Muslim President Of INC
1888 Allahabad George Yule 1st Englsih President Of INC
1896 Kolkata Rahimtulla M Sayani The National Song, Vande Mataram Was Sung For The First Time.
1907 Surat Rash Bihari Ghosh The INC Split Into Two, One Moderates, Led By Gokhale And The Other Extremists, Led By Tilak.
1911 Kolkata Pandit Bishan Narayan Das The National Anthem, Jana Gana Mana Was Sung For The First Time
1916 Lucknow Ambica Charan Mazumdar Joint Session With Muslim League In Which The Historic Lucknow Pact Was Signed.
1917 Kolkata Mrs Annie Besant First Session To Be Presided By A Lady.
1924 Belgam M.K. Gandhi Only One Time Mahatma Gandhi Presided Over The Belgaum Session Of INC In 1924
1925 Kanpur Mrs Sarojini Naidu First Session To Be Presided By An Indian Lady.
1929 Lahore Pt Jawaharlal Nehru The Decision To Launch A Civil Disobedience Movement To Achieve Complete Independence And To Observe 26 Jan As Independence Day Was Taken. Nehru Became The President For The First Time.
1946 Meerut Acharya JB Kriplani Last Pre independence Session Of The INC.
1948 Jaipur Dr Pattabhi Sitaramayya First Session After Independence.

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Important Points :

  • Youngest president of indian national congress: mulana abdul kalam azad
  • Indian National Congress was founded by-Allan Octavian Hume
  • Woman Presidents of Indian National Congress -Mrs Annie Besant (1917), Mrs Sarojini Naidu (1925) and Mrs. Nellie Sengupta (1933)