Is coaching necessary for UPSC?

UPSC exam is considered as one of the toughest exams of the country, it is also known as mother of all exams. At the starting, students are unsure about how to start their preparation and what to study. At the initial stage there are lots of doubts which is quite normal. This is the time when a student has to decide whether he should go for coaching and self study. It is very much POSSIBLE to clear this exam without any coaching with a mix of proper planning, strategy, passion, hard work and with a bit of guidance. A lot of research has to be done before opting for coaching or for self study. Wrong decision of guidance could cost a lot of crucial time and money for the students which is not a luxury for most of them. Here in this blog, we will provide information which will help you in deciding whether you need  to go for coaching or self study would be best for you. Here we are providing all the information related to optional choice, books for prelims and mains, study material, mock tests, interview, etc.

How do you know that you need coaching?

  1. Ignorant about basic:-There is basic knowledge like Exam syllabus, pattern, best books for UPSC, etc. If someone is ignorant about it then there is no harm is taking coaching from trusted institutes after a proper research.
  2. Content not available:- If someone is living in a remote area and is not having access to internet of various websites for delivery of books and notes then it is beneficial to take coaching.
  3. Short on time:- If someone has got little time before prelims or mains then you can join some coaching to brush up your syllabus, it would be like a crash course.
  4. Not aware of optional subjects:- It someone is not very familiar with his optional subjects, in that case it is advisable to join a caching center as there is no point in risking 500 marks in the mains. It is also recommended if the optional is not your graduate subject.
  5. Gut feeling:- If you feel you need coaching then it is better to go for it as you are the best judge of yourself.

How do you know that you don’t need coaching?

  1. Confident about yourself:- If someone is confident that you can clear the UPSC exam on your own then its better to do self study.
  2. Basic Knowledge and content availability:- If you know the subjects, exam syllabus, pattern, etc and there is internet availability as well then in that you can do it all by yourself.
  3. Already taken coaching:- If you have already given the exam with or without coaching and you know all the important information related to this exam. Then in that case coaching could be a waste of time for you.
  4. Working students:- Those who are working and preparing for UPSC simultaneously; there won’t be enough time at your disposal for self study if you join a coaching center.
  5. Guidance from seniors and teachers:- If you have friends who are preparing for the exam and teachers who know well about this exam, then also you can take any help from them in case you need any instead of joining coaching.

Therefore, it is very subjective whether someone needs coaching to clear UPSC exam or not. As a lot of people are doing it all by themselves. It is all about passion, hard work and dedication that you are putting in. It may also be mentioned that a good teacher can reduce the burden from his students with proper guidance, however, in the end you are the one who will have to study hard.