Important Questions Related To Mahatma Gandhi Study Notes

Posted on : June 9th 2019, 11:38 am

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Examclear team here providing the important questions related to Mahatma Gandhi which will be asked for 1 or 2 Marks in All Govt Job competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, Civil Services, RRB Railway Exams, and other Public Service Commission Exams. You can also download List of Important Dams in India pdf format.

Answer: in 1869 October 2

  1. When did Gandhijiborn?

Answer: Kasturba bai

  1. Who was Wife of Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer: Putlibai

  1. What is Mother Name s of Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer: the Storyof My Experiments with Truth, Hind swaraj or Indian Home Rule.

  1. Which book was written by Gandhi?

Answer: Pravashi Bharatiya Divas

  1. Why was important 9 January observed as?

Answer: Unto this last(ruskin)

  1. gandhi took concept of sarvodya from which novel ?

Answer: in 1893

  1. When did Gandhijiwent to South Africa to practice law?

Answer: South Africa in 1906, September to protest against the Asiatic Ordinanceissued against the Indians in Transval

  1. Where did Gandhiji's first Satyagraha experimented?

Answer: 1908 at Johannesberg in South Africa

  1. When was Gandhiji's first imprisonment?

Answer: Peter Marits Burg Railway Station in SouthAfrica

  1. In which railway station where Gandhijiwas humiliated and ousted ?

Answer: in 1910

  1. When did Gandhiji started Tolstoy Farm (SouthAfrica)?

Answer: Durban in South Africa

  1. Where did Gandhijistarted the Phoenix Settlement ?

Answer: Indian opinion (1904)

  1. What is the name ofweakly started by Gandhiji in SouthAfrica?
  1. When did Gandhijireturned to India from South Africa ?
    Answer: 9th January 1915.
    January 9 is observed as Pravasi Bharatiya Divas

Answer: It was for the right of Indigo workers in Champaran in 1917

  1. Where was Gandhiji s first satyagraha in India?

Answer: In Ahmadabad

  1. Where was gandhiji sfirst fast (Gandhiji s second satyagraha in India)?
  1. Which causes Gandhijito abandoned his title Kaiser-I-Hind?
    Answer: Jallianwalabagh Massacre (1919)
  1. Who started weeklies namedYoung India and Navjeevan?
    Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
  1. Which is the only Congress session presided over by Gandhiji?
    Answer: Congress session at Belgaum in 1924
  1. Who started All India Harijan Samajin 1932?
    Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
  1. Where is Wardha Ashram situated?
    Answer: In Maharashtra
  1. When did Gandhijistarted the weekly Harijan?
    Answer: 1933
  1. Gandhijicalled Subhash Chandra Bose as _________?
    Answer: Patriot
  1. Who called Gandhijias “Half naked Seditious Fakir”?
    Answer: Winston Churchill
  1. Who gave the name ‘Gurudev to Tagore?
    Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
  1. Who called Gandhijias ‘Mahatma ?
    Answer: Tagore
  1. Who is political guruof Gandhiji ?
    Answer: Gopal Krishna Gokhale
  1. Who is considered as spiritual guruof Gandhiji?
    Answer: Leo Tolstoy
  1. When did Gandhijiassassinated?
    Answer: 1948 January 30 by Nadhuram Vinayak Godse
  1. What was called as 'Post Dated Cheque' by Gandhiji ?
    Answer: Cripps's Mission (1942)
  1. When did Gandhiji published 'Hind Swaraj' ?
    Answer: In the year 1908
  1. who gave Baba Amtathe title 'Abhay Sadak' ?
    Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
  1. The period which is considered as 'Gandhian Era' in Indian Independence struggle ?
    Answer: 1915 – 1948
  1. Where was Gandhiji s third satyagraha in India?
    Answer: kheda satyagraha
  1. What is the real name of Gandhi'sAutobiography ?
    Answer: Satya na prayogo
  1. What is the period that referred in Gandhi'sAutobiography ?
    Answer: 1869 – 1921
  1. When did Autobiography of Gandhiji first published?
    Answer: 1927 (in Navajeevan)
  1. In which language Gandhiji wrote his Autobiography?
    Answer: Gujarati
  1. Who translated Gandhi's autobiography into English ?
    Answer: Mahadev Desai
  1. Who founded Satyagrah Sabha ?
    Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
  1. Who was the secretary of Mahatma Gandhi after the demise of Mahadev Desai ?
    Answer: Pyarelal
  1. What is the real name of Mira Behn, the disciple of Gandhiji ?
    Answer: Madeleine Slade
  1. Who compared Gandhi's Dandi Marchto the legendary journey of Sri Rama to Lanka ?
    Answer: Motilal Nehru

    * Persons having nick name as Gandhi
  1. Who is known as Frontier Gandhi?
    Answer: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
  1. Who is known as Bihar Gandhi ?
    Answer: Rajendra Prasad
  1. Who is known as ModernGandhi ?
    Answer: Baba Amte
  1. Who is known as Sri Lankan Gandhi?
    Answer: T. Ariyaratne
  1. Who is known as American Gandhi?
    Answer: Martin Luther King
  1. Who is known as Burmese Gandhi?
    Answer: General Aung San
  1. Who is known as African Gandhi?
    Answer: Kenneth Kaunda
  1. Who is known as South African Gandhi?
    Answer: Nelson Mandela
  1. Who is known as Kenya Gandhi?
    Answer: Jomo Kenyatta
  1. Who is known as Indonesian Gandhi ?
    Answer: Ahmed Sukarno
  1. Who wrote the book "The words of Gandhi" ?
    Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

    Other Books written by Gandhiji -
    "The Essential Gandhi" , "The Wit and Wisdom of Gandhi" , "The Penguin Gandhi reader","Gandhi on Islam", "The Bhagavad Gita According to Gandhi","The book of Gandhi wisdom", "Hind swaraj and other writings", "The Way to God", "For Pacifists"
  1. Who is the write of "Gandhi on Non-Violence" ?
    Answer: Thomas Merton
  1. "The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi" is written by?
    Answer:Louis Fischer
  1. who is the author of "Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and his Struggle with India"
    Answer:Joseph Lelyveld