56 Superfluous NOUN Error

1. Cousin Brother/Sister


2. Passing Marks

Pass Marks

3. End Result


4. Final Conclusion


5. Angry Mob


6. Sales Representative

Sales Representatives

7. Fundamental Principels


8. Root Cause


9. Consort Wife/Husband


10. Mutual Friend/ Agreement

Common Friend/ Agreement

11. English Teacher

Teacher Of English

12. Teachers Take Examination

Teachers Give Examination

13. Students Give Examination

Students Take Examination

14. Cent Percent

Hundred Percent

15. Abuse Of Money

Misuse Of Money

16. Freeship

Fee Ship

17. Lecturer Ship

Lecture Ship

18. Funeral Service


19. Supposing If


20. Correct News

True News

21. Blunder Mistake

Blunder/ Big Mistake

22. Two Twins


23. Misuse Of Power

Abuse Of Power

24. Less Salary/ Income

Smaller Salary/ Income

25. Smart Salary

Handsome Salary

26. These Sort Of People

This Sort Of People

27. Words To Words

Words For Words

28. Leave Of Three Days

Three Days Leave

29. Don’t Speak A Lie

Don’t Tell A Lie

30. I Have An Urgent Work

I Have An Urgent Piece Of Work

31. These Kind Of Books

This Kind Of Books/These Kinds Of Books

32. The Third And Fourth Chapter

The Third And The Fourth Chapter

33. Your’s Faithfully

Yours Faithfully

34. Faith In God

Believe In God

35. Two Advices

Two Pieces Of Advices

36. Absolute Perfect


37. Family Member

Member Of Family

38. Tell The Truth

Speak The Truth

39. The Shipdrowned

The Ship Sank

40. Give Speech

Deliver Speech

41. Expelled From Job

Suspended From Job

42. Write This In Your Copy

Write This In Your Notebook

43. He Took A Bath In The Sea

He Took A Bathe In The Sea

44. A Joker In Circus

A Clown In Circus

45. Keep Your Words

Keep Your Word

46. Many Mischiefs

Many Acts Of Mischiefs

47. Many Information

Many Pieces Of Information

48. According To Me

In My Opinion

49. No Mention

Do Not Mention

50. A Long Period Of Time

A Long Period

51. Flee Away

Flee(Run Away)

52. Tough Contest

Close Contest

53. Return Back/ Recall Back/ Retreat Back/ Refer Back/ Revert Back / Reflect Back/ Recast Back/ Rewrite Back/ Reimburse Back

Return, Recall, Retreat, Refer, Revert, Reflect, Recast,Rewrite,Reimburse

54. Repeat Again, Rewrite Again, Rebuild Again, Rearrange Again, Restate Again

Repeat, Rewrite, Rebuild, Rearrange, Restate

55. Descending Down


56. Ascending Up
































































































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56 Superfluous NOUN Error
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