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0) At Sindri in Jharkhand, the fertilizer produced is
Ans. �Urea
1) Nepanagar in Madhya Pradesh has a
Ans. newsprint factory
2) The piligrims of KailashMansarovar have to pass through which pass to enter into Tibet?�
Ans. Nathu la
3) Which of the following passes lies in the Sutlej valley?�
Ans. Shipki La
4) The famous Lagoon lake of India is :
Ans. Chilka Lake
5) Silent Valley of Kerala
Ans. contains rare species of plants and animals
6) Mudumalai Wild-life Sanctuary is located in the State of
Ans. Tamilnadu
7) �The famous �Gir� forests are located in
Ans. gujrat
8) �Dolomite is a/an
Ans. Sedimentary rock
9) The term �epicentre� is associated with
Ans. earthquake
10) Waterloo is located in�
Ans. Belgium
11) The �Doctrine of Lapse� was first applied to the Princely State of
Ans. Satara
12) �During colonial period, British capital was mainly invested in :
Ans. Agriculture
13) Who among the following controlled maximum trade in the western coastal region during 17th century?�
Ans. �Portuguese
14) �When was the first passenger train run in India?�
Ans. April 1853

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