Percentage Basic Study Notes

Posted on : October 3rd 2017, 10:59 am

Percentage Basic (Tables of Common Fractions and Their Decimal and Percentage Equivalents)

This Topic is very important for every competitive exam. This topic is basic topic it is connected to the all topics of math. Percentage can be change into ratio, fraction and decimal equivalents. So first we will learn how to change percentage into fraction and decimal equivalents. Then we will solve some problem based on concepts.

  • Percentage means something out of 100. If someone got 240 marks out of 600 than how much marks he got out of 100. It simply 240/600x100=40 %. So remember this basic thing about percentage. So following are the tables:

Table of Common Fractions and Their Percentage Equivalents

Percentage Basic

Table of Common Fractions and Their Decimal Equivalents or Approximations

Percentage Basic 0

So Now Start With Questions Of Every Type

Problem 1 : What is 15 percent of 34

Ans : (15/100) X 100 =5.1

Problem 2 : 200 gm is what % of 5 kg?

Ans : so first make the unit same than attempt the question (200/5000) X100 = 4 %