Percentage Type 2 | Study Notes

Posted on : October 5th 2017, 8:39 am

Percentage Type 2

In this we will learn relation between two things, two persons or two numbers. The concept is simply based on more or less between two numbers. We will simply use the concept of fraction to solve the problem.

Problem 5 : If B is 25% more than A, then A is what percent less than B.

Ans :

  • First write percentage in fraction format 25%=1/4 , B is 25% more than A, A is 4 because comparison is from A and more than so 4+1 =5 is B.


  • A is 1 less than B so 1/5x100=20%

Problem 6 : If A is 12.5% less Than B, Then B is What Percent more than A.

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