The Constitution of India By P. M. Bakshi

Posted on : January 30th 2018, 12:33 pm

Book Name : The Constitution of India
Authored By : P. M. Bakshi

The Constitution of India traces the type of government that is followed in the country, alongside a broad rundown of conventions. It comprises of 22 sections that give the structure which depicts basic political standards, conventions took after by government bodies and builds up the essential rights and obligations of the subjects of the country. Each part is isolated into articles, with a few sections having sections too, because of the complexities of areas like Finance, Property, Contracts and Suits. The Constitution of India has a sum of 395 articles and 12 plans. Each article has notes for the peruser's reference with the end goal of clearness. The book incorporates all the refreshed corrections including the Constitution (One Hundredth and First Amendment) Act, 2016. The affirmed changes included start the distance from 1951 to 2016. The Constitution of India is extraordinary for educational purposes and additionally look into needs. This book is especially practical for those occupied with common administration as it rattles off each part of the constitution of India with a considerable measure of included notes.

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