Time and Work Type 7 (Tricky Approach) Study Notes

Posted on : June 8th 2019, 10:36 pm

Time and Work Type 7 (Tricky Approach)

Example 12: . A,B and C can finish one work in 12, 15, 20 days respectively. All three of them together start work together, for which they get Rs. 72000 / - then find out the share of the B.

  • Start Problem Same As Previous Examples, Find The Individual Efficiency Of A,B And C.

Time and Work Type 7

  • Divide 72000 Rs Among A,B And C In The Ratio Of Their Efficiency Ie; 5 : 4: 3

Time and Work Type 7

Example 13:  A Alone Can Do A Piece Of Work In 6 Days And B Alone 8 Days. A And B Undertook To Do It For Rs.3200. With The Help Of C, They Completed The Work In 3 Days. How Much Is To Be Paid To C? (Hint : First Find The Efficiency Of A,B And C Then Divide In That Ratio)

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