Word Power Made Easy - Type of Cide | Study Notes

Posted on : October 24th 2017, 3:48 pm

Vocabulary play vital role in understating of any language. Words are the building block of language. Vocabulary play Major role in all competition, generally 2 to 5 questions are asked in every exam like SSC, CDS, and Banking. Many topics like one word substitution, fill in the blanks, clause test depends on vocabulary. ExamClear team will prepare you for all competition by giving daily dose of Vocabulary.

Suicide, selfcide Killing oneself
Patricide Killing of father
Fratricide Killing of brother
Matricide Killing of Mother
Femicide , gynecide Killing a woman
Sorocide Killing of Sister
Infanticide Killing of Infant
Regicide Killing of king
Populicide Killing of population
Parenticide Killing one's parent(s)
Mariticide , viricide Killing one's husband
Filicide, prolicide Killing one's son or daughter
Parricide Killing a close relative
Homicide Killing a man, or any person
Apicide Killing of bees
Avicide Killing of birds
Canicide Killing of dog
Herpeticide Killing of snake
Slaughter Killing animals
Vaccicide Killing of cows
Canicide Killing of dogs
Piscicide Killing of fish
Hiricide Killing of goats
Raticide Killing of rats
Larvicide Killing of insect larvae
Arachnidcide Killing of spiders or scorpions
Genocide Race of people
Germicide Killing of germs
Pesticide Killing of pests
Muricide Killing of mice
Senicide Killing old men
Ambicide Killing a friend