Word Power Made Easy - Types of Mania

Posted on : October 24th 2017, 10:23 am

Vocabulary play vital role in understating of any language. Words are the building block of language. Vocabulary play Major role in all competition, generally 2 to 5 questions are asked in every exam like SSC, CDS, and Banking. Many topics like one word substitution, fill in the blanks, clause test depends on vocabulary. Examclear team will prepare you for all competition by giving daily dose of Vocabulary.

Types of Mania

  • Bibliomania - One who has acquisition and possession of books
  • Dipsomania - A mania for drinking
  • Thenetomania -A mania for death
  • Theomania - A mania that one has god
  • Pyromania - A mania for setting thing on fire
  • Monomania - A mania of one idea or interest (possession)
  • Logomania - A mania for talking
  • Graphomania - A mania for writing
  • Dromomania - A mania for travelling
  • Kleptomania - A mania for stealing
  • Anthomania - Flowers
  • Cynomania - Dogs
  • Megalomania - A psychological state characterized by delusion of grandeur (Being important), controlling other’s life
  • Hedomania - Pleasure
  • Sitomania -Eating
  • Plutomania - Wealth